Religious Poetry

I interpret religion here in the widest possible sense to include any reflection of the human condition. This distinguishes it, to some extent, from Political Poetry and Palestine Poetry. I make no claims to great poetic ability. I use poetry as a way to express ideas succinctly.

My Unitarian Home. Written 21st February 2010 for an exhibition at Brighton Unitarian Church called ‘Unitarian Voices’. This was mine.

In the Mirror. Written 1st March 2010, and what I see is five images fighting with each other.

Sonnet on Spring. Written 12th April 2010, in which I reflect on the annual spirit of renewal and my changing attitude to it.

The World of Spirit. Written 17th May 2011 in defence of religion.

Good Companions. Written 1st August 2011 for our annual Poetry Service at Brighton Unitarian Church. The two companions are Hope and Doubt.

Birth of a Boy. Written 15th November 2011, this is about the wonder of birth and the uncertainty of life.

The Time of My Life. Written 20th August 2012 for the Poetry Group Service on 2nd September at Brighton Unitarian Church. The theme was ‘time’.


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