Political Poetry

New Year. 2nd January 2002.

The Kings of Mistria. 24th October 2003. This was originally written in two installments for a story telling group. I think I only delivered the first episode.

We are the Rich. 8th May 2004.

King of Kings. 13th July 2004.

Numerical Politics. 5th August 2004.

Young Ahmed. 6th August 2004.

Hickory Dickory Doyle. Short poem about the politics of oil written 10th August 2004.

Swallowing. 10th August 2004.

Market Economy. 18th August 2004.

The Terror-King. 16th December 2004. If you know some Schubert and/or Goethe you’ll recognise where this comes from.

The Grand Old Duke of Perth. 10th January 2005.

Saying the Forbidden. Written sometime in 2006.

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