Camp 18

Camp 18, Featherstone Park, was initially an American camp in the early forties, then became a camp for Italian prisoners of war, and finally ended up as a camp for German officer POWs near the end of the war, and for three years thereafter. The camp interpreter was a certain Herbert Suzbach, a German Jew who had fled Nazi Germany around 1938,

Camp 18, Featherstone Park. Photo of a model made by POWs

and who was interned at the beginning of the war on the Isle of Man. Thereafter he joined the Pioneers in the army, and was eventually recruited to Camp 18, where, despite his title, he was heavily involved in re-education work. Sulzbach came from a well-known banking family in Frankfurt, where he knew the Seligmann family (see Translations from German). My friend Ainslie Hepburn, is writing an autobiography of Sulzbach, and has a website (click on her name) where some of her research is documented.


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