Translations from German

1997    Translation from German, with Annemarie Clark-Lowes, of book, Theodor Herzl: A Pictorial Biography by Julius Schoeps; published by Thames & Hudson.

1998    Translation from German, with my ex-wife, of PhD thesis ‘Inflation and Public Opinion’ by Else Kanin (1929). This was a PhD thesis published privately in honour of the author’s 93rd birthday.

1999    Translations of two articles in forthcoming proceedings of 1997 conference on Jakov Lind, Writing after Hitler: The Work of Jakov Lind, University of Wales Press, 2001. The articles in question were ‘At War with Language. The German Reception of Jakov Lind,’ by Ursula Seeber-Wehrer, and ‘From Soul of Wood to Ergo,’ by Silke Hassler.

Inflation and Public Opinion, a doctoral dissertation by Elsie Kanin originally presented in Königsberg, 1929, translated 1998.

A Grandfather Remembers, the memoirs of Rabbi Caesar Seligmann, translated from the manuscript and edited, 2004.

Memories from Nine Decades, Erwin Seligmann (son of Rabbi Seligmann)

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