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I wish to thank the Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies for permission to post below both the articles by my father published in The Christian Parapsychologist, and recordings of presentations he made at conferences of the Fellowship. Their address is The Rural Workshop, South Road, North Somercotes, Louth, Lincs LN11 7PT, Tel./Fax 01507 358845

From ‘The Christian Parapsychologist’: ‘The Mind Of God’, bu Nick Clark-Lowes. September 1983

From ‘The Christian Parapsychologist’: ‘God’ by Nick Clark-Lowes, March 1992.

Parapsychology in Christian Education

The ‘artist’ in the following recordings is really my father, not myself, but that’s now the system works.

Creative Mind


He said he was much happier at boarding school than he was at home. His mother had died when he was only 5 and his favourite nanny drowned in the river when he was 7. His related rather poorly to his father, who was by the time my father went to Seabank Prep School already 65 and, in view of the losses in his life, not the happiest of people. And yet he wrote in a letter to my mother during the war that the pain of his separation from her resembled the desperate homsickness he’d felt at school.

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