Here is a time-line of the main elements of my education (See MO boxes 2 & 3):

1948-1953: Stepping Stones Pre-Preparatory School (SSS), Shrewsbury.

1953-1958: Hillbrow Preparatory School, Featherstone Castle, Northumberland.

1958-1961: Shrewbury Public (that is Private Boarding) School.

1961-1962: Stockport Technical College, Part-time day release and evening, Ordinary National Certificate courses in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Engineering Drawing. Broken off before completion.

1962-1964: South West Hertfordshire College of Further Education (later renamed Cassio College), Watford: A levels in English, Economic Geography and Economic History.

1964-1967: Birmingham College of Commerce (University of London External), BSc in Sociology (III).

1980-1981: British Council, Jeddah, Part-time, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, AEB Diploma.

1989-1990: University of Antioch, Ohio (at Regents College, London), Part-time MA in the Psychology of Therapy and Counselling. For this I wrote a dissertation on ‘The Influence of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on Sigmund Freud.’

1993-1999: University of Sussex, doctoral research on Wilhelm Stekel and the Early History of Psychoanalysis. DPhil. Published as Freud’s Apostle: Wilhelm Stekel and the Early History of Psychoanalysis (see advertisement top right).



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