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The official school photographs, as well as many other photographs, of Hillbrow School are available to view on Flickr at:

The best way to view all the photos is to click on the sets to the right of the screen. The same applies to the second Flickr account below, which has many of the the 2012 Reunion photos on it:

Further Reunion photos can be seen on Picasa by clicking on the following links:

Some cine film from 1934-35 has survived, part of which can be viewed at The quality is not very good, but it’s worth watching if you want to get a flavour of the school all those years ago. At 6 minutes in you can see my father pushing Miss de la Chaumette in  wheelchair, and at 9 minutes and fifteen seconds, for around half a minute, you can see my mother beside a bus which is about to take the boys on an outing. She would then have been around 17 years old.

 School Buildings

The Original Hillbrow, Rugby

Overslade in the 19th Century, before Hillbrow moved there in 1917

Hillbrow School, Featherstone Castle

Hillbrow 042 (2)

Ridley Hall

Further Photographs 

John Inman’s Pictures
George Ronald Dampier Bennett’s Crest

George Bennett’s Choir, 1953

George Bennett’s Choir, 1953

Cricket Net Practice

Dormitory Wing from the Model Railway

Eagle Camp Site

Eagle Troop Fire Place Camping

Outdoor Railway 1954-55

Senior Class in the Library with Mr Bennet 1954


‘Sameric’ (Sam and Eric); the Surtees Twins





John Bennett (1942-1948): Autograph Book

 The Scout Troop at Hillbrow, 1949. 

Working from the back, left to right: Back Row: Richard Punshon, Roger Williams, Alan Wardle, A.J. Hawkins, Nigel Escolme, you, ? Michael Ramsbotham (standing slightly lower), Michael Blackburn, John Mason, John Clark.
2nd Row from Back: D.J.M. Warhurst (nephew of JGS), John Luke, Burke-Gill (a master who lived in Park Village with his family while at Hillbrow – does anyone know any more about him?), unknown visiting Chief Commissioner, Hugh James Montgomery Dickinson, E.M. Evans (of Sunderland).
3rd Row from Back (a bit up and down): Euan Clarkson (well to the left), Brian Levie, A. Hardie, Glyn Longstaff (standing back from the row), Michael Duncan, Michael Taylor, Ian Clark (a bit back from row), unknown.
Front Row: Michael Martinek, Frank Knaggs, D.J. Hall, Peter Tench, T.T. Nixon, G.O. Walker, A. Tilmouth, Hugh Ramsbotham.

Article Re: Reunion in Hexham Courant

4 Responses to School Photos

  1. Peter Ogden says:

    Hi Francis,
    I’ve just been relooking at the Hilbrow pictures and opened up the 1935 cine film on your site. While watching the film I recognised my Grandfather playing cricket as part of the parents team. My father Philip was one of the pupils at that time, but i couldn’t see him in the pictures.
    It’s the only cine pictures I have seen of my Grandfather. I’ m absolutely thrilled that I’ve seen it.

    Peter Ogden

    • admin says:

      Hello Peter,
      I’m so pleased. I was not able to transfer the whole of the Overslade film onto the Youtube clip, so it’s possible your father is somewhere on the original film. As you may have noticed, the margins of the Youtube version are wrong, so that sometimes you can only see the bottom of the film. Also there’s a considerable amount of the film missing at the beginning. I intend eventually to have another go at putting the whole film onto Youtube. But in the meantime, can you identify your grandfather by giving me the timing from the beginning of the clip, and where he is standing? Best wishes, Francis

  2. john mason says:

    A great photo of the Scouts. The master was called Mr. Burke-Gill (not Jones ). He had been out in Chile and told us tales of life out there. I always fancied Chile afterwards! Thanks, John.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, John. I’ll correct the master’s name straightaway. How interesting about his Chilean connection. You overlapped by one term Bruce Allen, who taught in a school in Peru (I thought it was Chile, but have just checked and it was Peru) in 2005. Sadly he’s one of the Old Hillbrovians I have not been able to track down.

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