Home Archive

Document Storage Boxes

Boxes 1-13      Letters to my parents from their relations and friends.

Boxes 14-20    Hillbrow School (see also item 10 under ‘Summary of other papers’ below)

Boxes 21-25    My father’s papers

Boxes 26-34    My mother’s papers

Boxes 35-41    Letters to me (I’ve managed to gather together a considerable number of my own letters, mainly to my parents. See Boxes 5 to 8 of the F. Clark-Lowes collection for letter up to 1975. Letters after that are in the embargoed boxes.)

Boxes 42-50    Maps

Boxes 51-52     Booklets, pamphlets and magazines

Box 53              Documents related to Aline Ellis (Great Aunt Aline), potter and artist

Box 54              The Alan Wharris Papers, re his career in the Palestine Police etc.

Boxes 55-56    College work at South West Herts CFE and Music Theory Classes

Box 56              College work at Birmingham College of Commerce

Box 57              Old Salopian magazines

Box 58-62        Family photographs (not my own)

Box 63              Family history documents

Summary of other papers not duplicated in the F Clark-Lowes collection at Mass Observation.

1. Plastic Box 1: Walk to Cairo papers

2. Plastic Box 2: Photographs and stamp albums

3. Plastic Box 3: Photographs

4. Plastic Box 4: Walk John O’Groats to Lands End papers

5. Wilhelm Stekel papers

6. Railway memorabilia; many magazine back-numbers from 50s to 70s.

7. My mother’s and great aunt’s artwork, plus some from friends.

10. A set of Hillbrow School photographs 1875 to 1961.

The future of most of my home archive is undecided. Warwickshire Country Record Office have agreed to take the Hillbrow material before or following my death. Arrangements still need to be made about the other documents.

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